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breaking news right now this midday. tragedy in virginia. flames tear through a family's home killing three people, including two children. several others are in the hospital at this hour. good morning, everyone. efforts to put the fire out entirely are still ongoing. elaine reyes is live on the scene. what a tragedy. >> it really is, a lot of very concerned neighbors, set family members on the other side of this apartment complex. we can tell you more than 60 firefighters are on the scene, still trying to put out some hot spots. fire and police investigators are also on the scene, trying to figure out what caused it.
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fire cre arrived at this townhouse complex between 8:30 and 9:00 this morning. as they pulled up, they saw flames coming out of all the windows. nghbors were yelling, there were people inside the burning unit, including small children. firefighters worked to pull some of the victims from that house. three people died at the scene, one adult and two children. four ours, one adult and three cldren, were transported to an area hospital. >> pushed them out. they tried to go through the upstairs window with fire coming out of the window. they did get inside, pulled one child outside the window, and tried to resuscitate him to no avail. a hoific event. i mean, the firefighters -- i could see it on their faces when i got here it just got to them. >> reporter: right now fairfax county fire officials are not saying if all these people, all
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he victims were related. they are saying, though, that they were in the same unit, the one that had the fire coming from it. this was a two-alarm fire. fire and rescue had several departments helping them. this is still very much an going investigation to figure out what caused this devastating fire. kimberly, back to you. >> elainenitially we reported there were tee children affected. we know two sadly have passed away. do we know anything about the condition of the third child? >> reporter: not yet, kimberly. they were in a rush to send the child you're talking about to the washington burn center. we understand that some of these people that were transported were transported by air. but right now no updated condition on the survivors. >> okay, thanks, elaine. it was an unusually violent scene, a woman murdered in broad daylight at a cmplex with a lot
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of people nearby. this midday, many questions remain unanswered. the murder happened along 8500 belong of greenbelt road. police initially responded to the report of gunshots. ey found awoman in a stairwell with what they are calling trauma to her body. police have not released how the woman died or her identi or even if she knew her attacker. police continue their search this midday for the murderer who killed a man at a bus stop. it happened after sunset along the 900 block of southern avenue. police do not have a lot to go on in this case, they only have a vague description of the gunman. now to a story we've been following all morning. an eviction dilemma that has proted an outpouring of supports. a dc woman's belongings were scattered because she evicted
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for not paying her resident. tracee wilkins is live with the community's response for help. >> reporter: so much has changed. on the blocks of 11th street here, and also on otis place, there was stuff on both sides of the sidewalk. now there's a huge dent in the amount of stuff out here on the side. this is definitely one of the largest scale evictions that folks have seen in recent memory foismt 22 years elisa hasived here. while she was in there. she collected a lot of stuff. after this economic downturn, work dried up. so did the rent money. it seems like a hopely situation, spread from four to five blocks. after she was evicted yesterday morning. she had until 10:00 a.m. today efore trash trucks came to take
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it to thedump. >> i do not have a job to -- i'm trying to get a little here, a little there, but it's not regular eight-hour work. i just have nothing at all. >> reporter: but then a phone call from news4 viewers started to turn things around. hold on for just one second. i'm going to put her on the phone with us. >> hello. good morning. >>reporter: the jk moving and storage company out of sterling, virginia, sent crews to pack and move her possessions for free. >> pack it up as soon as we can. >> they'll also store it for a month for free. >> reporte so mu has changed for our conversation. >> yes, this is a bless. i'm feeling happy and released, the stress. nowt's a big change. >> reporter: but the kindness of strangers didn't end there.
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she now has a job thanks to a man who saw the story. the city is stepping in with counseling and services. >> every eviction is tragic, complex and emotion. but when it happens on this scale, it's obviously multiplied many times over. >> reporter: for people who live in this community, their worr has been replaced with hope. >> there must be something going on. this is impossible. from the jaws of defeat, you grab victory, so we're glad to see that's going to happen. >> reporter: dc police have blocked part of 11 street so they can easily move this stuff onto the truck. we have not seen any signs of trash trucks. that's the good news. now, numerous viewers have shown up, some folks have walked up and just given her cash. other people have called and said, i want her to come and stay with me, or i know a place where she can stay, or i have work for her. and she definitely has seen an up side to what was a down
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situation. itell you, kimberly, the first time i saw her smile, it made me smile, too. she's able to have some hope here. >> we've been watching you all morning, and we know how worried you were. the power of a community. the fall season starts tonight, but it stil looks and feels like summer. tom kierein joins us. >> the all-time report is 67 days 90 degrees or higher. if we hit 90 again tomorrow, one day for the all-time record. it certainly has been a hot pattern. right now, lookat this. we've hit the mid 80s, closer to washington. it's right by the bay as well. it's also near 80 deges now.
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elsewhere, it's hit below 80s, farther to our west, even in th mountains it's near 80 in mny locations. it was near 50 there morning on the eastern shore now it's near 80. over the last 12 hours wve had a generally clear sky, but there are a few showers rolling through eastern kentucky and eastern tennessee. that's a disturbance that may come up our way later today and give us some showers. that wouldn't happen before sunset. before then, partly cloudy, and yes climbing to around the 0 or so. with a southwesterly breeze sweeping in the summer at. it wll be here for another couple days. a look at the change coming up. >> creeping toward that record heat. thank you, tom. let's check in with jerry edwards. >> defense a doozy of a rush hour, have settled down.
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stil plenty of delays, no big accidents, bu now we switcd from rushour to a period where we do a lot of crux. on the outer loom of the american -- on the outer loop of route 7, the left lane is taken awa delays up here, very, very slow. so be forewarned. that will tack some time on your midday drive. also where ove to maryland on the capitol beltway, some pothole repair work between centr avenue and the interchnges down route had and 5. it looks like they've wrapped up. we'll keep a watch out for you and keep you updated. >> thank you, jerry. speaking of delays, a tractor trailer overturned during rush hour traffic. it happened on i-70 westbound near woodbien and howard county. they blocked the road in order
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to clean up the spill. we have an alert for drivers who use i-270 in the early morning hours. all four lanes of southbound 270 will be shut down on exit 10. overnight into tomorrow morning, the closures will last for two 15-minute intervals between midnight and 4:00 a.m. it suggests uses rule 355. during thoselosures crews will be putting up an overhead sign. well, you may want to think about tching your car today. they're cars, trucks and suvs in the garage for car-free day. instead they're walking or taking public transit to work. remember, bike share kicked off in d.c. in arlington this week if you want to try renting a public bike. it's 11:11 right now.
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a lot to talk about. a new report vincent gray -- lus what's next for the efforts to repeal d
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president barack obama wl be in falls church, virginia, which afternoon talking about thepatient's bill of rights. this marks the six-month
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anniversary of the health care overhaul becoming law. he will be joined by people who say they have already benefited it. one measure allows children to stay on their parents' health insurance until they reach 26. republicans blocked an effort to lift a ban on gays serving openly in the military. craig melvinalked to one local man with particular interest in seeing the law changed for good. >> reporter: now david hall works with the service members legal defense netwk. before that he was in the air force for five years. >> ranked number one in my class, had my pilot's slot, and a female member went to my boss saying he's gay. >> watched closely as the senate took up the debate. instead of questioning the merits of the policy, many republicans question the timing of the vote. >> thisis a blatant political
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ploy to galvanize the political base of the other size which is facing a losing election. >> reporter: the senate vote came on the heels of a rally in maine. they're hoping to win over susan collins. in part of her floor speech, she appeared swayed. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i think it's only fair. >> reporter: but collins and all republican senators voted no. procedure wrangling and posturing stopped the measure this time. >> a lot of decisions are being made because the elections are coming up soon. overall, i'm glad we're going to slow down and try to get at the right answer instead of just doing what's politically expedient. >> reporr: the bill certainly won't come up again before a pentagon report exploring the affects of a repeal. for david hall, that's a long way. >> there's 66,000 gays and lesbians currently serving that every day they go to work
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wondering, is today going to be the day i get red? >> reporter: craig melvin, news4 today. harry reid says he plans to bring the issue up again after the november elections. we know when michee lie and vincent gray are scheduled to meet about the future. "e washington post" reporting thatit will happen tomorrow at noon in gray's office. gray has said hel continue to pursue aggressive education reform and that may or may not include michelle re. tom, it's one of those days when you wish they wouldn't close those pools so early. >> we'll need it, a way to cool down. aid many is a battle between summer and winter. just a few days ago many people had their wood stoves going, but now it's time for summer-type
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weather. we should approach 90 today, and it looks like a sumry sky, a bit of a haze ov the foliage that's beginning to show color in a few isolated areas. the equinox arrives tonight at 11:09. now, it has hit the low to mid 80s throughout many locations, around the blue ridge through central virginia, into southern maryland as well as the lower eastern shore, closer to washingtoand points north, upper 70s generally, but it will be warming there into the upper 90s to near 90 elsewhere. or maybe a little higher through central virginia into the carolas. over the mountains, it's a warm day there under way, already near 80. near 80 as well on the eastern shore away from the water well, as we go back over the last 12 hours, we've seen this general flow shifting into the south and west. that is swept in the warmth, and there's also a little disturbancehat's kicking off showers in eastern kentucky.
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that may roll our way a little later this afternoon. meanwhile, the tpics, they have settled down. this is tropical srm lisa, looks like a weaker system that will stay out in the central valley. that disturbance is drifting off to the west heading toward jamaica, cayman islands, prabs into central americas. meanwhile, closer to home we ve this front that's been triggering some showers. it will sag ourway later today. futurecast shows that happening later on this evening as it does sweep on through, there's a chance, a small chance for needed rain, maybe some thunder andightning as it comes through late this afternoon and through evening. after that, things settle down, a weak area of high pressure developing, but another area of low essure moving through the northern great lakes regions by friday afternoon. >> caller: begin to approach the uer midwest. that may arrive by late in the
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weekend, give us another chance -- partly cloudy, some clouds develing, and it's going to climb into the upper 80s and low 90s in many locations formed we'll have the southwesterly briz as well. then overnight tonight after perhaps a passing shower, thundershower later this afternoon or early this evening, then after that, partly cloudy, we'll have a moonlit sky, temperatures by dawn should be in the upper 60s. during the day tomorrow, another summer-like day shou be partly cloudy to mostly sny at times. afternoon highs climbing to around 90 degrees again. actually tomorrow may be more humid than today, and it may stay rather humid into friday. just a touch more humidity arnd. but then we'll have that front approaching with increasing clouds on saturday. tt should cool things down, but still hotter than average. average this time of year ismid
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70s. it appears we do have the front coming in that m sort of stall out here and may develop a weak area, that may give a chance for passing showers sunday and monday. then we ought to dry out midweek nexweek. so you have grandma chopping wood the other morning. what is she doing this afternoon? >> looking for a t-shirt and shorts. and let's find out what jerry edwar is doing with the midday traffic. >> northeast washington, that major construction project continues, progress is being made, sort of a way toss go. right at the maryland district line at eastern avenue, northbound and southbound at the work zone, one lane closed off and just very minor dela at this point. over to the beltway, not a pretty sight. getting past braock road, this is the under loop of the beltway
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route 236, where the right lane is blocked, traffic is running very slowly. outer loop, same location, so a couple minutes o extra travel time certainly would be a good idea. it's 11:21. still ahead, election day is quickly approaching. a new poll shows how close the maryland governor's race really is. it turns out paris is not alo lowed in japan. here's a look at what's hot on
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paris hilton on her way back to the u.s. after she was not allowed into japan. the 29-year-old was supposed to promote her fashion and fragrance lines. she never left the airport. that's because japanese immigration officials did not allow her in the country, since sh pleaded guilty to cocaine possession in las vegas. under japanese law, officials can denyentry for those convicted of drug offenses. stunning jewelry once worn by princess diana is about to hit the auction blocks. a diamond and pearl necklace is the only piece of jewelry that's likely to be available for sale
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everhat she has worn. it has 214 diamonds, seven south sea pearls all set in platinum. there's no word for how much it might fetch. some other impressive items, a bracelet own and worn quite a bit by elvis presley, and a baseball signed by six former u.s. presidents will be available at auction, held later this week at an auction housen new york city. the sinks of the world's unsinkal cruise liner the itanic" could have been avoided, according to a new book. one of the ship's helmsman turned the "titanic" the wrong way, and by the time the crew realized the error, it was simply too late. patton says the second officer whorks survived theinking covered up that mistake for years, because he was afraid it
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would bankrupthe "titanic's" owners. tips for picking the perfect wedding cake from our local now famous expe. plus tough questions about hundreds of mill dwrons of tainted eggs, the farmers linked to a massive recall are finally grilled about what happened. some local kindergarten students strike a pose for a very special ibute. plus tom's first day of fall forecast feels more like
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an update on the breaking news. three people have died, including two children after a fire tore through a family's home in reporten this morning. four other people have been taken to the hospital. a woman found dead ha prince georges county police surging for a murderer midday today. it happened aund 2:30 yesterday. police have not released the caught of this woman's death or a motive in that murder. a local moving and storage company is helping a d.c. woman evicted from her home near the 11th street and otis plate
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northwest last night. all her belongings were left, four blocks worth. she told news 4 she hasn't had a steady job in two years. she says she has nowhere to tu for help. an update, though, someone has offered her a job, and a moving company will store her belongings for a month for free. today the owners of two iowa farms will be on capitol hill, taking questionrom congress about last month's massive egg recall. at least 1,000 people got sick from salmonella outbreak, no one died. representatives from the food & drug administration will have to answer tough questions about inspection processes and practices. nbc's tracy potts has a look. >> reporter: they blamed chicken feed from an utside supplier.
11:31 am
the fda found filthy conditions at his facility. >> they had manure piles old enough that mag gots were forming. they had rat holes that allowed rats to enter the facilities. >> reporter: deanna arno worked at the plant and blames the government for not doing more. >> i told a usda ifr about it, and she said, well, go back and do your job. >> we tend to chase a foodborne disease after it occurring. >> reporter: the labor secretary called his main operation a sweatsho iowa named him a habitual offender. noo one died, but more than 1,500 people got sick. congress has since learned that wright county egg tested positive for salmonella. 73 of those samples were the exact same train. they did not inude test results in documents he provided
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congress. today they'll ask why. both companies are the subject every multiple federal investigations. om washington, i'm trac traci potts. lawmakers have been long concerned about the fdaeeds more authority, but regulation to give them authority has been stuck on capitol hill. eight current and former city officials from a low-income l.a. suburb are accused of stealing from the same people they represent, bu official from bell county, california will be arraigned on corruption charges. investigators say they used more than $5 million of taxpayer money to pay themselves. the city manager is accused of secretly setting his salary at $800,000. that's more than double of what president barack obama makes. this is not a wealthy california suburb. this is a low-income area. california's attorney general filed a lawsuit agnst the official demanding they return
11:33 am
mo of their hefty salaries. with just six weeks before election day, a new poll shows the race forovernor in maryland is virtually neck and neck. the new poll released shows governor martin o'malley with a lead over former governor bob you recallic, but you've got to consider the margin of error for that poole is 4%, making it a dead heat. the senior editor for the cook political repo says the poll actually is good for both candidates. >> 50-47, it's a three-pnt split, but essentially the race is tied. if i'm the o'malley campaign, one of the things that i take as positive out of that poll is he is at 50%. that means that you recallic needs to chip away at his support. but this is not an uphill race. this race is tied. 'malley has already started running ads to win over voters. you recallic says he'll wait unt later in the campaign to start running those spots.
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let's check in with tom kierein. >> it's getting hot. we ough to hit near 90 by midafternoon. look at that summer-like haze that hovers over washington. that's a live picture from our skywatcher camera lost some of the summer haze is prince georges county. right now it's around 80. already near 80 in several counties, and as well as central chenin dougha valley, and it is heating up. now, over the last 12 hours, we've had the wind shifting into the south and west. that has sept in the summer heat. there's a disturbance there in eastern kentucky, triggering a few showers that may come up later today, and both of those systems may trigger an isolated thompl, otherwise just a few clou coming , then over the
11:35 am
weekend turning a bit cooler on saturday, sunday and month. there's a clans for a passing shower sunday and again on monday. let's check traffic now. >> tom, can't escape the heat, can't escape the traffic. the roadwork continues. crossing over the inbound fourth street bridge. it is unusually slow about mid span, so they may have -- as y would make the split to the lower 14th street or onto the freeway. that's good news for a change. elsewhere, we told you we were watching for t construction pothole repair crews and they're out there. both directions will be affected,asically from an druce on up to central avenue, so traveling over there in the next couple hours, this is what you have to look forward to.
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not necessarily fun. thanks, jerry. news 4 issing nb for a new series called education nation. students at a northwest d.c. charter school are getting a hands-on lesson in their ulture. a black history month project turned into a popular photography exhibit at butler global charter school. fifth graders had to pick a role model an portray them in pictures. one even featured one of our own veteran news4 broadcasters. >> i like it with the glasses. >> my sister is a basketball player, and then when i grow up, i want to be a basketball player. >> what a cool project. instructors sayhey taught the children composition and how to frame the photos, but much of the learning came from the actual experience. planning awedding i a lot of work. st couples wants every single
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details to be perft. one big detail is the wedding case. and joins us is maggie from maggie's austin cakes. one of her cakes is in the running for the "day" show contest. what were you thinking this morning when you saw your cake on the "today" show? >> it was an incredible thrill and honor. i was so happy to be a part of it and create a design for such a fabulous couple. >> kind of surreal, i would imane? >> absolutely, yes. >> how did you get chosen for that? >> i'm not exactly sure. we were contacted by the segment producer fr nbc, and she had gotten word from the top chef host gail simmons who found us online and we've ha tremendous support from the online community. >> how did you pick this particular cake? >> this cake has a dogwood
11:38 am
branch, which is from the coup's home state. entirely sculpted from sug. >> were you looking for the reactions? >> to have gail simmons, such a renown chef and host herself to have the couple to have a smile on their face? good enough for me. >> did you choose that particular case, or did gail say i said you to do this case? >> i had complete control. >> it looks ry classic, very smooth, you can get up and see the intricate detail. the other cakes were bold from a distance. >> yes, that is the style of maggie austin cake, we do exquisite details, hand painting, hand molding. >> i love how you say "we" do. you do. >> i do, from start to finish. maggie austin cake launched in july. we have anew business, but we are grong. right now i'm doing everything
11:39 am
from start to finish. >> we're looking at some of your portfolio from your website. people need to know you're only 29d yes old. >> i am. >> young. >> yes. >> and retired ballerina from theo joffreq ballet. >> i decided to follow my passion for baking. i love to make peel happy. i have very specific design aesthetic and i found that wedding cakes, event cakes and the beautiful sugar cookies allows me to sort of marry fine food and design. >> ballet wasn't your passion? >> it absolutely was my passion. i could no longer do it due to an injury, so this is a second chance at my passion. >> i understand your popularity has just exploded. tell us about this request from atralia. >> yes, i'm getting e-mails from
11:40 am
around the world. it's overwhelming, and in our eyes, we've already won. >> rite. right. so is your mentality you want to fulfill all these requests? or are you gng to have to remain exclusive? >> llowing my graduation from the french pastry school in chicago, i did an internship at charlie trotter's there learned you never, ever compromise on quality. >> which means you can't take them all. >> i cannot take them all. every single order gets treated with t utmost care and details. let ace take a look at the cookies and we want to put up your website so people can refer to it >> absolutely. >> you don't doookies very often. tell us why these are special? >> these are little works of art. these are just a bit of a jewel that would be a fabulous gift. >> maggy, in tacoma park, congratulations, you can see how the elegance from being a
11:41 am
ballera translates. >> thank you very mu. all right. it's 11:41. right now, still ahead, could your personality be affecting your health? absolutely. the risks are being a type d. plus the link between food and t mood could be making you sad. and if you're sad, this video will turn your mood around. some local librarians write a song to talk about their budget woes. they're now an internet sensation. equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share onof five appetizers, like our fous texas . then choose two freshly epared entrees from 14 chili's favorites, liks with new sweet & smoky sauce, our new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chics
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served over a bed of s. grab a friend and get one appetizer plus two entrees with chili's $20 dinner f two. man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother ga us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? for our tv? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon beg!
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more doctors are now convince there is a cnection between food and your mood. british researchers found that fatty, fried food may contribute to irritability, even depression, because it deprives the brain of needed nutrients. so much for fish and chips. the secrets is eating more vegetables, natural foods, less sugar and less processed foods, but with all the researchi not clear if feeding poorly actually leads to depression. your personal could also have a lot to do with your health. a recent study found people with type d personality may be at greater risk for heart disease.
11:45 am
dr. weiner, thankou for joining us. >> thank you. what is type d? >> d stance for distressed. so this is the type of person who's more prone to have a negativ outlook on things, more prone to depression and anxiety. they see the glass as half empty. they also tend to be somewhat socially inhibited and less likely t talk about their feelings. >> how did that compare to the type a personality we think we know so well? >> this was defined back in the 1950s. that's sort of the classic ceo, the hard-working success-driven person, and impatient. >> it's also almost an insult, she's totally type a. >> we want to talk seriously the link between type d and heart health. >> so there was a recent study
11:46 am
that came out just a couple weeks ago, and what they did in this study, they looked at patients with heart disease, and those patients that had heart disease plus type d personality were seven -- i'm sorry -- four times as likely to have some sort of negative healthimpact down the road compare with those with ju the heart disease and no type d personality. that included increased risk of heart attack, and other cardiovascular problems including death. >> is it just that they worried more about their health? >> there does seem to be more to it. we think there are biological factors, as well as behavioral characteristics. as far as the biological factors, we thi the people with time d and depression also seem to have elevated levels of court cortisol, which makes you
11:47 am
more prone to have inflammation, as well as seeming to make your platelets stickier, if they're more sticky, you're more likely toevelop clots. from a behavioral standpoint, it seems people with type d personality are also less likely to follow their doctor's recommendations, more likely to e poorly, less likely to exercise, more likely to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. >> if you're sitting at home, and you don't know what personality type you are, is that the first step to get tested? or just really look at the factors of where you fit? >> i don't think it's that important for people to worry about the personality. i think really what people need to be aware of is there is a strong link between depression in particular and heart disease. i think theype d personality probably is just encompassing a lot of people that may have just depression or anxiety disorders.
11:48 am
so we know that depression puts people at risk for heart disea and likewise hard disease puts people at risk for depression. so the takeaway message, people in general need to recognize depression is a risk factor along with smoking, obesity, alcohol and cigarettes for heart disease. if you have heart disease, you really need to be paying attention to your mental health as well. there's an interesting study that looked at several hundred patients who were admitted to the hospital after having a heart attack or unstable heart pain. they also found that people were twice as likely to die from their heart diase seven years out. >> this is so important, because i know people are dealing with mild depression and they say i don't want to take a drug, i don't want to go through a thrapy to try to fix it, i wan to handle this on my own.
11:49 am
they nose to know there can be ramifications. >> you have to realize that treating the depreegs will not just help your mental health. it will have other health consequences. >> dr. weiner, thanks for enlightening us. >> thank you. it's time to check on today's busiss news. let's go to cnbc's courtney reagan. are you feeling calm? >> unfortunately the markets were sort of shaky. we were up and n down. we're up only about 35 points and now we're doing that amount, as investors continue to digest the fed's latest moves. the central bank did leave interest rates, but they're ready to step in with mre stimulus measures such as buying large amounts of treasury bonds, but no timing was given. stocks did really initially yestday on that decision, but then kind of lost momentum by the end of the day, asian
11:50 am
markets were mildly higher last night. another top member of president obama's economic team is bowing out. larry summers is returning to his teaching job at harvard. the former treasury secretary was a key adviser, but has been criticized for being too close to wall street. summers tell nbc that the economy is growing, but, joe, momentum is not satisfactory. possibly replacement may including jeff immelt. official say tim geithner is staying in his job. travelocity say fares are up about 10% from last year you could save up to $170 by shifting when you fly, if you're able to leave tuesday and come back on sunday.
11:51 am
i know, i'm kind of wrestling with this. those flights e really expensive. >> i was going to ask you, whenever i travel over the holidays, i regret it. >> i know. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> deisions, decisions. thank you, courtney. >> thank you. chances are you've never quite seenour librarian like this. ♪ i will survive ♪ for as long as we have patrons ♪ ♪ libraries will say alive ♪ >> librarians from eight regions came together to create this remake of "i will survive." this didn't just dance on tables and dress up for fun. they wanted to send a message that libraries are being forced to do more with less because of budget cuts. >> how are we going to get through this? we've had cuts to hours, our book budget has been slashed. how will survive? it just came to us, i will
11:52 am
survive. so far, so good. >> this video was originally intended to boost more real a conference, but since then, about 40-plus thousand people have sn it ove the internet. it's 11:52 right now. a sneak peek at another new nbc show. in just a moment we go behind the scenes with "under cover." >
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nbc 4 will continuanother big week of season premieres tonight with "under covers." it features aarried couple once worked as spies. they're pulled out of retirement. german-born actor plays her huand steven. >> it's like taking a one-hour acation. we get to travel all over the world. it's kind of glamorous and exciting. >> it's everything, it's action, it's fun, it's comedy. it's drama. >> the show is the brainchild of
11:56 am
director of j.j. abrams. you can catch the premiere of "under covers" tonight at 8:00. let's look at some of the stories we're folling at news4. we have a preview of things to come. good morning, pat. > coming up, stress, we all suffer from it, but it can really affect a woman's fertility. however, there are ways to overcome the stressnd actually boost your chances of getting pregnant without turning to fertility treatment. then at 5:00, it's a major constructionproject that has turned into a major nightmare for neighbors who say they've been forced out of their homes because of all the noise and the debr. we'll have that story and your first forest coming up tonight starting at 4:00. kimberly? >> thank you, pat. speaking of that forecast, we're going to check in with tom kierein one more time.
11:57 am
i had to take off my jacket. >> actually a little tinge of color in the trees there in the neighborhoods of northwest washington. in the distance, the high rises of friendship heights, chevy chase and bethesda in the distance. it's in the 80s throughout the region. as we have a severe weather flow, and tn a front will be approaching late this afternoon into early this evening that may trigger an isolated thunderswer. tomorrow and friday still hot both afternoons, but pleasant throughout the rest of the time. cooler saturday, sunday, monday, might get a passing shower, highs in the 70s. another dry pattern as we get into midweek, with temperatures generally seasonal to near 80 degrees. that's the way it looks right now. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> thank you, tom. that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. be sure to tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 later today. until then, have a great day.
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